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Port of Long Beach Pier G Administration and Operations Buildings

The Administration and Operations facilities at Pier G are part of the Pier G Terminal Redevelopment Program at the Port of Long Beach. Work to be done includes the phased construction of an approximately 46,000 square foot Silver LEED certified Administration Building, an approximately 30,000 square foot Silver LEED certified Operations Building, an approximately 800 square foot driver services building, temporary guard shacks, and associated employee/visitor parking. FTR will comply with LEED requirements for project waste diversion percentages, certified post-consumer recycled materials, certified wood and local/regional building material specifications amongst other sustainable building specifications. Specifications for this project assign an aggressive SBE/VSBE combined participation goal of 35%, of which a minimum of 10% must be VSBE. To further enhance the Port’s capabilities, included facilities will serve several Administration and Operations Divisions. The contractual duration for work specified is 36 months, setting the tentative completion date for December of 2011.


Port of Long Beach

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