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Cal State University Music Building

The three-story Music Building of the California State University at Los Angeles is an 80,000 square foot structure that required major renovation. The scope of the project included the transformation of the building to accommodate several high-tech music practice rooms with the installation of new sound rated doors and partitions. In addition, more rehearsal studios were backed up with acoustical reflectors and a performing stage equipped with an advanced sound system and professional stage lighting to illuminate theatrical productions, concerts, and other performances by University students.

The renovation project started with the demolition and replacement of all mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and telecommunications systems. Ceiling and floor materials were removed and replaced with new finishes. To add to the project’s challenging course, a portion of the roof was removed and expanded up with steel members as the entire building was made sound proof with new sound barrier materials. Included in the scope of work was an elaborate design-build fire suppression system.


Caliifornia State University, Los Angeles

United States